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We have two main priorities here at BarHoppers.

1) To stop senseless accidents and deaths resulting from driving under the influence.

2) To offer an alternative means of transportation that is beneficial to the community.


BarHoppers provides personal Chauffeurs to drive you in your OWN vehicle.

No more worrying about parking or leaving your vehicle unattended. Our Chauffeur stays with the vehicle during your reservation. Our driver will be available immdiately to pick you up at the door upon request via text message or phone call.


BarHoppers is NEPA's Premier Designated Driving Service.

BarHoppers is a premier driving service based out of NEPA. We have since been NEPA's only "Designated Driver" Service. We currently serve Luzerne and Lackawanna counties. BarHoppers will become available in surrounding counties as our client base expands.

Designated Driver

Our DD service is available to those who are already enjoying the night out and would like to request a professional driver to get home. The team will drive you and any guests in your own car to a destination of your choice. Use of the service is based on the availability of drivers.

Chauffeur Service

Our Chauffeur service is available to those who need their own personal driver at an hourly rate. We drive your car, local or long distance. This allows you to enjoy yourself without having to worry about parking, leaving your vehicle unattended, or most importantly… driving!



Reported by: Ryan Leckey WNEP - 12/31/2012

Party goers aren’t the only ones out in full force tonight on New Year’s Eve. Check out this clip to see what’s on tap for area police department.

Area police departments plan to step up patrols on New Year’s Eve to catch and deter drunk drivers. 

Many counties in our area are also taking part in the “Safe Ride Campaign” where bars can call people cabs at no cost for a free lift home in a certain mile radius.

Another option, is the fairly new professional chauffeur service known as “Barhoppers NEPA.”





Reported by: Jeremy Deebel WBRE - 12/09/2011

Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County-- A service that's gaining popularity in northeastern Pennsylvania promises a safe ride home after a night out on the town.

Barhoppers NEPA aims to prevent DUI's for drivers who may have had a few too many drinks.

Whether you were out celebrating the office holiday party, or just took yourself down to the local tavern--

the folks who run Barhoppers driving service want to make sure your night ends safely at home, and not at the county jail.

We've all heard-- and hopefully heeded-- the warning to designate a sober driver when enjoying adult beverages.

Barhoppers offers to bring that driver to you.

Co-founder Dan Nawrocki said, "When you're intoxicated, and you need to get yourself and your car home, we bring you a driver.

The driver will drive you home in your own car, and then we pick up our driver."

Barhoppers boasts about 16 on-call drivers. They're required to pass a background check, have professional driving experience, and a clean driving record.

Nawrocki, of Exeter, started the local Barhoppers venture just before Thanksgiving last year.

He explained, "There's one in Pittsburgh, one in Philadelphia, one in Washington D.C. And I decided it was time to go ahead and start it.

From the day before Thanksgiving through New Years, it's busy every weekend."

The goal of Barhoppers is simple. If you've had too much to drink, they want you to get out of your car, give them a call, and let them give you a ride.

Nawrocki does suggest booking a driver ahead of time, if possible-- either by phone call or online.

There's a base fee of $20 for a trip home of up to five miles-- and it's $2 per mile after that.

Nawrocki noted, "You can also call us and have a driver drive you around from bar to bar all night. It's only $12.50 an hour."

Barhoppers generally serves the Luzerne and Lackawanna County region.

They aim to keep their fees low so the service remains attractive to potential patrons

who might otherwise take the unnecessary and dangerous risk of drinking and driving.

Nawrocki added, "Barhoppers is not a big-profit business. Barhoppers sole purpose is to help people get home safely."




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