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in forex trading
« on: January 31, 2019, 01:15:44 PM »
Browse, Try, and Play
There is nothing wrong for beginners to learn and try various strategies or trading styles. However, this process can add knowledge and enrich trading experience, so that it can help a trader find the strategy that is right for him. A professional scalper will not say swing trading is not suitable for him if he has never tried it, so does the swing trader who cannot see the benefits of being a scalper.
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. Recognize the Error
Competitive instincts may be useful in other areas of life, but not in forex trading. Unless you are participating in a trading contest, it's better to get rid of your appetite to always win. With this way of thinking, it will be easier for you to admit mistakes and learn from them, rather than feeling like you don't accept defeat and eventually finding fault with others.
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. Deepen Trading Science
Learning to trade should not be done in half and must be ensured of sustainability. This is the main factor that can support your skill and knowledge improvement. In addition, this process will be more effective if it is run with an interest or passion for the world of trading.