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We have two main priorities here at BarHoppers.

1) To stop senseless accidents and deaths resulting from driving under the influence.

2) To offer an alternative means of transportation that is beneficial to the community.


BarHoppers provides personal Chauffeurs to drive you in your OWN vehicle.

No more worrying about parking or leaving your vehicle unattended. Our Chauffeur stays with the vehicle during your reservation. Our driver will be available immdiately to pick you up at the door upon request via text message or phone call.


BarHoppers is NEPA's Premier Designated Driving Service.

BarHoppers is a premier driving service based out of NEPA. We have since been NEPA's only "Designated Driver" Service. We currently serve Luzerne and Lackawanna counties. BarHoppers will become available in surrounding counties as our client base expands.

Designated Driver

Our DD service is available to those who are already enjoying the night out and would like to request a professional driver to get home. The team will drive you and any guests in your own car to a destination of your choice. Use of the service is based on the availability of drivers.

Chauffeur Service

Our Chauffeur service is available to those who need their own personal driver at an hourly rate. We drive your car, local or long distance. This allows you to enjoy yourself without having to worry about parking, leaving your vehicle unattended, or most importantly… driving!

Going out Tonight?

No DUI's Guaranteed!

Simply fill out the form below to have the peace of mind that comes

with knowing you have a safe way to get YOU and your VEHICLE home safely.

While we are on call 24/7, use of the service is based on the availability of our drivers.

Not sure of when or where you will be? Submit a reservation anyway.

This will give us a general idea of when and where a driver might be needed.

It will also help us to better serve you, and to reduce any wait times.

We require no payment to make, change, or cancel your reservation.


To make a reservation, simply fill out the form below.


[Note: BarHoppers will never release any personal information to third-parties. Information collected will be used only for the purpose of providing service.]



Full Name
E-Mail Address
Mobile Phone Number

Do you accept text messages?

Type of Service Requested

Pick-Up Location
Special Instructions

Any Special Requests or Directions

Destination Address
Date of Service (Use previous date from 12am to 5am(MM/DD/YYYY)
Time of Pick-Up
Does trip require multiple drop-offs?

Vehicle Make/Model
Transmission Type

Additional Comments

Provide Additional Comments/Concerns/Questions




Submitting a reservation does not GUARANTEE you a driver.

You will be contacted 1 to 2 days prior to your requested pick-up time to confirm your reservation.

If you have a question about any special arrangements, please email us at



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Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, PA.